The Joy of It

By Fèis Phàislig

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  1. The Joy Of It
    Da Sixereen
    Da Galley Watch
  2. Brocham Lom
    Tha ’m Buntàta Mòr
    ’S Trusaidh Mi Na Coilleagan
    ’S Coma Liom Buntata Carrach
  3. Blackbirds And Thrushes
  4. Fire At Midnight
  5. Sine Bhàn
  6. Freefalling
    Farewell To Whalley Range
  7. Mairead Nan Cuiread
  8. Hand Ba’ Breakdown
  9. The Setting Sun
  10. Carol-Anne’s
    The Humours Of Tulla
  11. Fear A’ Bhàta

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Re: The Joy of It

Available on Bandcamp:
Mix of tunes and songs recorded by 6 young Scottish musicians.

‘The Joy of It’ brings together 6 up-and-coming traditional musicians through the Fèis Phàislig Ceilidh Trail scheme. In place of their usual summer tour, the group arranged and recorded 11 tracks in a professional studio environment with producers Anna Massie and Findlay Napier. The result is a brilliant collection of traditional and contemporary Scottish music and Gaelic song. The six musicians featured on the album are:

• Anna Whiteford - accordion, piano, backing vocals
• Cameron Duff - fiddle, whistle, voice
• Jessica Fraser - clarsach, piano, backing vocals
• Lisa Gray - fiddle, backing vocals
• Rachel Hopkins - voice
• Sophie MacDonald - clarsach, voice

Fèis Phàislig is a registered charity in Scotland. Charity No. SC045342
’S e Buidheann Charthannais Albannaich a th’ ann am Fèis Phàislig, àireamh SC045342
released November 12, 2021

All tracks arranged by the musicians. Produced by Anna Massie & Findlay Napier. With thanks to Joy Dunlop for additional support. Recorded and mixed by Angus Lyon and mastered by Chris Waite at Gran’s House, South Lanarkshire. Graphic design by Grant McFarlane

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