The Light Side of the Tune

By Brenda Castles

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Re: The Light Side of the Tune

The best introduction to this fascinating album is provided by Brenda Castles herself (from her Facebook page): "‘The Light Side of the Tune’ is a collection of unusual versions of some of the well-known tunes in the tradition. I’ve spent time over the last three years collecting interesting settings of some of the common tunes in our tradition." In addition there are some ‘uncommon’ tunes and in the case of one tune, where it wasn’t possible to locate a distinctive unusual version (‘Rolling in the Ryegrass’) she has written a third part herself.
The liner notes are included in the digital download version and give a complete account of the sources of the tunes (in a number of cases currently active trad musicians). I’ve been an admirer of Brenda Castles’ playing since her first album, ‘Indeedin You Needn’t Bother’, and the qualities that attracted me to her playing on that album (great clarity and a superb rhythmic sense) are also found here. I particularly like her crisp ascending and descending triplets. Backup is unobtrusively provided by Kate McHugh on piano, Ruairí McGorman on bouzouki, and Tony Byrne on guitar, but this is primarily a solo concertina album. Three concertinas are played, all of them from the 19th century and all Jeffries (C/G, Bb/F, and Ab/Eb). I highly recommend the album. It can be obtained from Bandcamp: Chet

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