No Rush

By Aly Bain And Phil Cunningham

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  1. Lightly Swims The Swan
  2. Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat
  3. Loch Katrine’s Lady
  4. Dr. Robbie Shepherd MBE
  5. Hector The Hero
  6. The Golden Tooth
  7. The Pelikan
  8. Eleanor Of Usan
  9. The Waltz Of Happiness
    Skipping With Riean
  10. Irish Beauty
  11. So Long Liam
  12. The Dying Year

One comment

Re: No Rush

This is Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham’s latest album, from 2020, recorded during lockdown. I stumbled across it yesterday because every once in awhile, I look to see if some of my favorite artists have new albums.
I wonder if the name of this recording, "No Rush", has to do with the fact that most of the pieces are slower tunes. I would definitely recommend it!