Beneath The Ice

By Beneath The Ice

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  1. Simon Spills The Salad
    The Vinegar
  2. Shores Of Loch Grannoch
    Pierre’s Right Arm
  3. Rainbow Socks
    The Bent Paperclip
  4. A Day On The Hill
    Sticky MIckey
  5. Sunshine Tea
  6. Intro
    Beneath The Ice They Heard Bells
    Tom King’s Toolbox
  7. The Bowler Hat
    Suspenders Of Hope

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Beneath the Ice (2010)

Katie Avery ~ fiddle
Helena Frecker ~ bouzouki, guitar
Emilyn Stam ~ piano, fiddle

Traditional and original tunes from this Ontario trio.

Credits: 1a, 3b, 4b H. Frecker; 1b J. Spiers & J. Boden; 2a trad.; 2b, B. Pickell; 2c, 3a, 6b, 7b O. Schroer; 4a, 5, E. Stam; 6a, 6c, A. Burton; 7a K. Avery

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