The Fisherman’s Island

By Sean Gavin

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Re: The Fisherman’s Island

I just received this from Custy’s this afternoon, and am really enjoying listening to it right now. Although he has appeared as a guest on other recordings by other family members, this is a superb debut solo recording by accordion player Sean Gavin. He plays an accordion tuned G/G# on all but 2 tracks which gives a lovely mellow, deep tone to the music.
I can’t say anything better than this paragraph by Jackie Small in the 16- page booklet notes :
“The supremely tasteful music on this album is that of a master musician who could dazzle us with virtuosity and showiness, if he wished, but who deliberately chooses never to do that. He prefers the much more respectful and subtle approach of expressing the innate musicality of his meticulously chosen repertoire in all its’ depth and variety”.
Guest musicians are :
Katherine Gavin - harp, keyboards,piano, organ
Sean Gavin Jnr. - guitar
Enda Gavin - viola
George Grasso - Irish and Greek bouzoukis, guitar.
A final thought - the 19 tracks run to over 70 minutes of music - if Sean Gavin can do that, why do we continue to buy CDs around 30 - 35mins long, which is all too common these days ?
On sale from Custy’s in Ennis, and I saw it also for sale on eBay 20 minutes ago. I presume you would be able to buy it from the man himself by contacting him via the details included on the CD :