The New Pennywhistle Album

By Billy Novick & Guy Van Duser

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  1. Staten Island
  2. Madame Bonaparte
  3. Caledonian Laddie
  4. Eleanor
  5. Morgan Magan
  6. The Boys Of Blue Hill
    St. Anne’s
  7. Gershwin Medley
  8. Blackberry Blossom
  9. Barefoot Willy
  10. Scrapple From The Apple
  11. Coatue Air
    The Piper Ain’t Well
  12. Dolphy’s

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Re: The New Pennywhistle Album

A 1978 album from pennywhistle player Billy Novick and guitarist Guy Van Duser. Tracks 4, 9, 11, and 12 are original compositions.