All In Good Time

By Patrick Street

  1. Walsh’s Polkas:
    Jim Keefe’s
    Daly’s Mill
    Bill The Weaver’s
  2. A Prince Among Men (Only A Miner)
  3. Frank Quinn’s
    Lad O’Beirne’s
  4. The Pride Of The Springfield Road
    Lawrence Common
    Goodbye Monday Blues
  5. Light & Airy
    All In Good Time
  6. The Mouth Of The Tobique
    Billy Wilson
  7. The Girls Along The Road
  8. The Thames
    The Fairy Queen
  9. Dennis Murphy’s
    The Bag Of Spuds
  10. Carrowclare
  11. Lynch’s Barndances:
    Green Mountain Boys
    Light Of The Moon

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“Patrick Street: All In Good Time”

I enjoy this recording and have in the past used several of the tracks for teaching dance and for dancing… Track 9, as an example, reels, has a lovely little introduction. No, it isn’t the usual 8 bar intro, but it works. The barndances are a kick to dance to, and “The Girls Along the Road” goes well behind any polka dance, but especially “The Kickin’ Polka”… I’ve used other tracks to, such as “Walsh’s Polkas”… It makes a welcome change from the usual ceili band track… 😉

It seems a shame that someone would contribute this recording and then scamper away without even a “how do you do”…


On the Session I have always been able to find whatever tune I was looking for. However, Macfarleys, the third tune in the closing medley from Patrick Street’s “All In Good Time”, is not to be found. Boo hoo. Does this mean I must figure out the tune all by myself? Oh Gosh! This will tae me a day and a half . Anybody out there know this tune? It is classic, and cascading and scottish-sounding, and a delight.

Re: macfarleys


Must have been because you wrote Macfarleys instead of Mac Farley’s….

The B part is quite different from what Patrick Street plays, but then there are various other settings in the comments section. Try Paddy Glackin’s version, it is very resemblant.

Re: macfarleys

Henk - your link is going to “The Maids Of Castlebar”, which someone has given the alternate title “MacFarley’s”. I don’t think that’s the tune which “Patrick Street” play.[ but I’d have to check ]. “Altan” recorded a reel “MacFarley’s” on “Island Angel”, I think, and I think that’s the same as the tune vboyd100 is looking for. I’m sure I have sheet music for it somewhere - it was up on another website a couple of years ago. If it’s not here already, I’ll hunt it out and post it next week.
Mind you, vboyd100 - the best thing you could do would be to sit down, listen to the recording, and work it out for yourself. Even if it does take a day and a half, it would be time well spent.

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Re: macfarleys

“Harvest Storm”, not “Island Angel”.

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Re: macfarleys

Kenny, I know what you mean. As I pointed out, the A part of both tunes is almost identical and the comments section contains the Altan / Paddy Glackin version - title: Mc Farley’s.