Shetland Guitar

By Arthur Nicholson

  1. Spootiskerry
  2. Da Shaalds O’ Foula
    Garster’s Dream
  3. Norma’s
  4. Peerie Willie
  5. Guizer’s
  6. Chadwick’s Bog
    Da Tushkar
    Miss Susan Cooper
  7. Aa Da Ships Are Sailing
    Shalder Geo
    Mak A Kishie Needle Dye
  8. Da Slockit Light
  9. Robertson’s
    Colgrave Sound
  10. Eli Nicholson
  11. David’s
  12. Da Full Rigged Ship
    Da New Rigged Ship
  13. Da Ferry
    Lay Dee At Dee
    Miss Spence’s
  14. Unst Bridal
  15. Da Boannie
    Da Seven Step
    Sister Jean

One comment

Re: Shetland Guitar

Arthur Nicholson lulls your into a false sense of security by kicking off with a gently paced fingerpicked Spootiskerry before letting rip with the same tune flatpicked, with chordal backing on a second guitar.

My favourites here would probably be the Ronnie Cooper reels (track 6), taken at a fair lick, and the reflective Unst Bridal March (track 14).
Tracks 3 and 11 are waltzes.