Beal a Ghleanna

By The Abbey Céilí Band

Added by Smiley .

  1. Dublin Set 1 Polkas
  2. Mealagh Valley No. 1
    Mealagh Valley No. 2
  3. Sliabh Luachra Set 3 Slides
  4. Ray’s Classic
  5. Slaibh Luachra Set 5 Slides
  6. Turkey In The Straw
    The Road To The Isles
  7. Shamrock Hill
    Bobby Casey’s
  8. Killavil
    Dick Gossip’s
  9. New Copperplate
    The Old Copperplate
  10. Maggie In The Woods
  11. Dalaigh’s
  12. West Kerry Set 2 Polkas
  13. Danny O’Shea’s
    Nóra Críona
  14. West Kerry Set 4 Polkas
  15. West Kerry Set 5 Polkas
  16. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Longford Collector
  17. Castle Kelly
  18. Charlie Mulvihill’s
    Jackie Coleman’s
  19. The Primrose Lasses
    The Trip To Durrow
    The Trip To Cullenstown
  20. The Coolea
    The Pipe On The Hob
  21. The Doonagore
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    Rip The Calico

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Re: Beal a Ghleanna

The CD was produced in 2002. I don’t have individual tune names, but will add the ones I recognise.