By Rachel Reeds

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  1. Jerry Holland’s
    Horace Show Of Highfield
  2. The Stradspey
    Jen Schoonover’s
    Keeping Up With Calum
  3. Sparkjoy
  4. Pie Major Allie Thompson
    Alice Robertson
    The Glen Where The Deer Is
    Alice Piel Walkway
  5. Bert MacKenzie’s 70th Birthday
  6. Danny Big Alex MacIsaac
    Radishes And Cabbages
    Miss Carmichael
  7. Lord Seaforth
    John Campbell’s
    Munlochy Bridge
    Primrose Lasses
    Rachel Reeds’
    New Christmas
    Lord Seaforth
  8. Gabrielle’s
    Maggie Brown’s Favorite
    Humours Of Castlecomer
    Malcolm’s New Fiddle
  9. Allie And Siena’s
    The Greenhouse Wedding
    Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes
    Da Cross
  10. Return To Kintail
  11. Captain Carswell
    Cawdor Fair
    Ca’ The Stirks Frae Out The Corn
    Angus Ronald’s Big Tune
    The Yetts Of Muckart
    The Black Horse
    Little Donald In The Pigpen
    Mrs Margaret MacDonald’s Delight

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Sparkjoy (2017)

Rachel Reeds ~ fiddle
Hanneke Cassel ~ fiddle, piano
Andrea Beaton ~ fiddle, piano
Natalie Haas ~ cello
Yann Falquet ~ guitar
Katie McNally ~ fiddle

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