A Musical Life

By Peter O’Loughlin

  1. The Kilfenora
  2. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Tarbolton
  3. Paddy Kelly’s
    Rakish Paddy
  4. ‘Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha
    Cregg’s Pipes
  5. Paddy Kelly’s
  6. The Rakes Of Kildare
  7. The Steampacket
    The Limestone Rock
  8. Sporting Nell
  9. The Battering Ram
  10. The Westmeath Hunt
  11. The Bunch Of Keys
  12. Cooley’s
  13. The Killimor
  14. The Steampacket
  15. Saint Ruth’s Bush
    The Corner House
  16. Lucy Campbell’s
  17. Rakish Paddy
    The Steampacket
  18. Repeal Of The Union
    Music In The Glen
  19. Queen Of The Rushes
    Pipe On The Hob
  20. Roll Out The Barrel
    The Tarbolton
  21. Sliabh Na mBan
  22. An Rógaire Dubh
  23. Chief O’Neill’s
  24. Jenny Tie The Bonnet
  25. The Moving Bog
  26. Bunker Hill
  27. Kiss Me Kate
    The Jolly Tinker
  28. The Templehouse
    The Dunmore Lasses
    The Shaskeen
  29. The Queen Of The Fair
    Árd An Bhóthair
  30. The Ace And Deuce Of Piping
  31. The Steampacket
    The Morning Star
    Miss McLeod’s
  32. Green Fields Of America
    The Star Of Munster
  33. The Munster Gimlet
    Hardiman The Fiddler
    Give Us A Drink Of Water
  34. Mickey Hanrahan (Peter Chatting With Seán P McKiernan)
  35. Woodbines (Peter Chatting With Seán P McKiernan)
  36. Accordions (Peter Chatting With Seán P McKiernan)
  37. “Take It Off!” (Peter Chatting With Seán P McKiernan)
  38. Stupid Cows (Peter Chatting With Seán P McKiernan)