Around The World

By Fiddlers’ Bid

  1. The Kiwi
    J Pottinger’s Compliments To R Cooper
    The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Welcome To Shetland
  2. Shoe Polisher’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
    The Clumsy Lover
  3. John Doherty’s
    Tommy Peoples’
  4. The Beeswing
  5. Da Fiddler O’ Lunnaness
  6. Catriona
    Da Brig
    Da Full Rigged Ship
    The Devil In The Kitchen
    The Pinch Of Snuff
    The High Road To Linton
  7. The Trip To Windsor
    The Spey In Spate
    Big John MacNeil
  8. The Ale Is Dear
    The Reconciliation
    The Mason’s Arms
    Jackie Coleman’s
  9. Eric And Joyce Moore
  10. Da Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsay
    Da Black Hat
    Aandowin At Da Bow
    Da Scallowa’ Lasses
  11. The Dark Island
  12. Ahint Da Daeks O’ Voe
    The Blackberry Blossom
    The Sally Gardens
    Timour The Tartar

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Re: Around The World

This is the first album by Fiddlers’ Bid from 1994 when they were in their late teens and before Michael Ferrie died. Over 60 minutes of music, they just can’t keep away from the reels so the two sets that start with jigs (tracks 2 and 6) quickly move on to reels.
The tunes on track 4 are mazurkas.

Re: Around The World

“The tunes on track 4 are mazurkas”. Track #3 ?
I remember meeting Michael Ferrie when he joined in a session we were having at an Orkney Folk Festival some years back. After a few sets of tunes he leaned across to me and said “What part of Ireland does du come fae ?”. Since we’d been playing quite a few Irish tunes, I took that as a great compliment.
I also met and played with him again several times when he was in Aberdeen. A very talented musician, and a tragic loss at such a young age. RIP.

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Re: Around The World

Aye Kenny, my bad (an auld sums dominie whae cannae count). Track 3 are indeed the mazurkas.