The Great Southern Ocean

By Laura Flanagan

  1. Love At The Endings
    Maura Connolly’s
  2. Tuamgraine Castle
    Harp And Shamrock
  3. Lucy Farr’s
    Apples In Winter
    Music On The Wind
  4. St. Sinneach’s
  5. The Crosses Of Annagh
    Ormond Sound
    Garret Barry’s
  6. Gob Lacan
    The Four Shoves
    Leather Away With The Wattle O
  7. The Nightingale
    The Piper’s Chair
    The Black Rogue
  8. Anderson’s
    Forget Me Not
    Miss Thornton’s
  9. O’Flaherty’s
  10. The Little Diamond
    The Humours Of Ballydesmond
    The Top Of Maol
  11. The Belltable
  12. The Whistling Postman
    The Graf Spee
  13. The Gold Ring
    Condon’s Frolics
    The High Part Of The Road
  14. The Great Southern Ocean

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Re: The Great Southern Ocean

Laura is playing at the National Celtic Festival on the Queens birthday long weekend in June.
Tune Info:
Love At The Endings - Ed Reavy.
Maura Connolly’s, St. Sinneach’s and The Nightingale - Sean Ryan.
The Crosses Of Annagh - Bobby Casey.
Ormond Sound - Paddy O’Brien.
Forget Me Not and Redican’s - Larry Redican.
Gob Lacan - John Walsh.
Harp and Shamrock - Pat Crowley.
Music On The Wind - Lucy Farr.
The Great Southern Ocean - Laura Flanagan.