By Bríd Harper

  1. Waiting For A Call
    La Cosa Mulligan
  2. The Abbey Tavern
    Bailey View
  3. Ag Breathnú Ar Na Féileacáin
    The Whistling White Horse
    Port Dún Ulún
  4. Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday
    Lord Lyndoch
    Castle Bray
    Larry’s Favourite
  5. Paddy Kelly’s No. 4
  6. Julia Devine’s
    The Stepping Stones
  7. Waltz For Hughie
    The Garavogue
  8. Cuaichín Ghleann Néifín
    The Gold Ring
  9. Maud Millar
    The Otter’s Lair
    Last Night’s Fun
  10. The Kiss Behind The Door
    Mick Carr’s
    Con Cassidy’s
  11. Caoineadh Uí Dhomhnaill
    Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  12. Mrs Judge
  13. The Salamanca
    The Shaskeen

Two comments

Re: Inis

This is the first album I ever listed. Very good music IMO.
As far as I know, as of this posting, this is only available from Brid’s website. Purchase and album information are at the link below.

I’ll be going through each track and making sure the tune link’s are correct.

Re: Inis

Track 3 (all), 7.2 are Brid Harper compositions.
T:Whistling White Horse
C:Brid Harper
P: JSW 3_2 Inis Brid Harper
D2E|:FED FAB | AB/c/d e2f | edA BdF | EDB, DB,A, | B,DE DAB | ABd ede | deB AFE |1 D3 A,DE :|2D3 E2F ||
|:EB,A, DEF | Adc ~B3 | BAB dAB | AF/E/D EFF | AFE D/E/FD | Adf ede | deB AFE |1 DEF ~E3:|2DEF D3 |]
T:Port Dún Ulún
C:Brid Harper
P: JSW 3_3 Inis Brid Harper
B2G ADD | GdB cag | ~f3 eag | fdA dcA | BGG Add | df/g/a bag | ~f2e dGB |1 cBA G2A :|2 cBA G2B ||
|:AFd fdA | GBd gfe | ^c2e cAG | ~F3 ECA, | DE/F/G AFD | GBd gfa | ge^c ~a3 | gfe d2A :|
T: Waltz For Hughie
C: Brid Harper
P: 7_1 Inis Brid Harper (first two parts only
BA|:GE B,E GB | AF CF Ac | Be BG EG, | A,4 CE | FD DC B,D | FD =AB AB |1 fe dB Ac | G3B, BA :|2 dc AB GF | E4 GA ||
B3 e BG | B3 e BG | EG eG fG | gG fB AG | FD DC B,D | FD (3F=AB AB | fe dB =Ac | G3 B, GA ||
B3 e BG | B3 e BG | EG eG fG | a3 g fe | fd dc B2 | FD (3F=AB AB | dc AB GF | E3C B,E |]