Dirt & Stone

By Mad Pudding

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  1. Indian
    Redhaired Boy
  2. Dirt & Stone
  3. The Swaggering
    The Toast
  4. E Minor
    The Lads Of Laois
  5. The Dewy Dells Of Yarrow
  6. The Green Mountain
    Crazy Creek
    Johnny On The Woodpile
  7. Patchwork
  8. Air
  9. Dance Of The Hungry Panda
  10. Hey To The Pipes
  11. The Ploughman’s Son
  12. Heather Bonn
    Island Ferry
  13. Service
  14. Spanish Lady
  15. Brandon Town
  16. Big John McNeil
    St. Anne’s

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Re: Dirt & Stone

The members of this Canadian group are Cam Wilson (fiddle), Andy Hillhouse (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, vocals), Amy Stephen (accordion, whistle, recorder, vocals), Richard Ernst (bass), John Hillebrand (drums).

On the album’s track listing, track 1 is titled "Indian Reels," tracks 3&4 are collectively "The Toast," track 6 is "Crazy Creek Set."

Notes to avoid incorrect linking: "Spanish Lady" and "Patchwork" are not the tunes that have pages on this site, but songs. The "Indian Reel" here is not either of the tunes titled "Reel Indien" currently on the site, but rather another Quebec/Ontario tune that begins (in the key of E minor) EFGA B2 AB | cBAc BAGF | EFGA B2 e2 | efge f2 e2

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