Live Music from Sliabh Luachra

By Pat Fleming

  1. Marie’s Wedding
    Padraig O’Keeffe’s
  2. Johnny O’Leary’s
    Billy Mahony’s
    Oh, My Love Is It Cold You Got?
  3. Johnny O’Learys Pound Note
    Neily Cleery’s
  4. Within A Mile Of Dublin
    Johnny Allen’s
    Tom Billy’s
  5. The Cascade
    Billy Mahony’s
    The One I Know
  6. Commons Pattern
    Johnny Micky Barry’s 1
    Johnny Micky Barry’s 2
  7. The Road To Dingle
    The Mouse In The Cupboard
  8. As I Went Out Upon The Ice
    Toor Mor Polka 1&2

Two comments

Re: Live Music from Sliabh Luachra

A fine, if somewhat short, CD of Sliabh Luachra music, especially if you like polkas (4 sets) and slides (2 sets). There’s one reel set and one jig set.
The last track has only two polkas; the second is just the Túar Mór #2 (The Back of the Haggard).
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