When We Were Very Young

By Dave Swarbrick And Simon Nicol

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  1. Time To Ring Some Changes
  2. Pittengardener’s Rant
    The Floggin’
  3. The Dogs They Had A Party
  4. Carolan’s Farewell
  5. After The Thrill
  6. Democratic Rage
    The Constitution
    President Garfields
  7. She Is Woman
  8. Merry Boys Of Greenland
    Ollafjord Jack
  9. The Young Black Cow
    Lord Inchiquin
  10. John Barleycorn
  11. The Hens March To The Midden
    The Four Poster Bed
  12. Close To The Wind
  13. Royal Selection No 5
  14. Rosie
  15. The Teddy Bear’s Picnic
  16. Pavanne
  17. Humours Of Cappa
    Tobin’s Favourite
    Rakish Paddy
  18. The Poor Ditching Boy
  19. End Of A Holiday
  20. Lord Haddo’s Favourite
    Lady Mary Haye’s Scotch Measure
  21. Sloth

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Re: When We Were Very Young

Hmm…. track #3, "The Doggies’ Meeting" turned into a song. Better - and funnier - as a recitation.

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