Fol the Diddle Night !

By Faolan

  1. Harris Dance Tune
    The Coonloo
    Ardenza’s Storm
  2. I Was A Young Man
  3. Cnoc Na Reampaill
    The Maids Of Selma
    The Girl Of The House
  4. Paddy’s Lamentation
  5. Full Moon Walk
  6. Hog’s Eye Man
  7. The Four Leaf Shamrock
    Lad O’Beirne’s
    Whistling Over The Roofs
    The Cats of Camazen
  8. Pretty Saro
  9. The Dawn Chorus
    Miss Mina’s
    Trip To Dingle
  10. Cruel Sister
  11. Jean-Claude Philippe’s Slides Set Where Is The Cat
    Ni Fios
    Micko Russel’s
  12. Galant Poacher

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Re: Fol the Diddle Night !

Bénédicte Lécroart- Chant
Céline Rivaud - Violon
Philippe Hunsinger - Bouzouki
Baptiste Rivaud - Flûte
Ronan Le Bars - Uillean pipes
Olivier Moret - Contrebasse