Up Ya Boya

By Faolan

  1. Connaught Heifers
    Inches To Dublin
    The Wrong Trousers
  2. Pride Of Pimlico
  3. The Second Pint
    The Banks Of Shannon
    Fasten The Legging In Her
    An Rogaire Dubh
  4. Black Water Side
  5. La Baie Des Fougères
    Le Cheval En Coulisse
  6. On Brigid’s Eve
    Napoleon Crossing The Alps
  7. Suzanne Martin
  8. Farewell To Jim
    Tom Roddy’s
    The Mouse In The Mug
  9. Lone Shanakyle
  10. Trop De Cacaça Nuit
    Z’avez Pas De Maison
    Le Troisième Poil Du Diable
  11. The Maid That Sold Her Barley
  12. Celine’s Whisper
    The Marquee Of Ballyshannon
    The Piper In The Cave
    Big John Mc Neill’s
  13. Creen Brooms
    Valse À Joseph