Donegal And Back

By Packie Byrne

  1. The Creel
  2. Lament To The Moon
  3. Meet An Irishman
  4. Sliabh Na MBan
  5. The Highwayman Outwitted
  6. The Dawn Pack
  7. Come, Come Away
  8. The Shirt My Father Wore
  9. Where Is My Norah?
  10. An Cualain Coo
  11. The Big Ship
  12. McCaffery
  13. Forgetting The Lesson
  14. The Barnyard
  15. The Leather Britches
  16. The Drummer Boy Of Waterloo
  17. The Shores Of Lough Erne
  18. Blow The Bellows
  19. Cod Liver Oil
  20. Gan Ainm
  21. The Rich Man’s Daughter
  22. Rambling Irishman

One comment

Songs and tunes - with the emphasis on songs - from a musician who wowed the folk revival of the 60s. The tunes are largely pretty rare beasts - The Dawn Pack, An Cualian Coo, Forgetting The Lesson and Blow The Bellows - are not ones I’ve come across before. Not that my knowledge is in any way encyclopadic. Released on Veteran Records (VT132CD), less a label than a public service!