On The Lonesome Plain

By Dónal Clancy

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  1. The Lowlands Of Holland
  2. The Green Fields Of Canada
    Mairseail Ni Conrach
  3. Drill, Ye Tarriers
  4. Open The Door Softly
  5. The Honourable Thomas Burke
  6. The Waterford Waltz
  7. Reynardine
  8. Behind The Ditch In Pairc Anna
  9. Blackwaterside
  10. Whiskey, You’re The Divil
  11. Miss McDermott
  12. Strike For Victory
  13. Idir Aird Mhor Is Eochaill

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Re: On The Lonesome Plain

I’m a great fan of Donal Clancy’s music, both his guitar playing and singing, both of which are amply demonstrated in this fine collection of music. I’m especially taken with the second tune on track #2, a march composed by Donal himself. And he
Yesterday, 5th Aug. 2022, saw the closing of “Celtic Chords” music shop in Stonehaven, 15 miles south of Aberdeen. I went along to make some last minute purchases, including this CD. Peter Murray has done a great job over the past 20 or so years being the best provider of traditional music instruments, recordings and books probably north of Edinburgh. He will be missed, and I for one wish him a long and happy retirement.
Track #8 is simply named as “Fling” on the CD sleeve, but it’s this : https://thesession.org/tunes/6615

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