The Dancing Kiln

By Paudy Scully, Karoline Scully, Ben Scully and Christine Scully

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  1. The Commons’ Pattern
    The Dancing Kiln
  2. The Glasha Géar
    The Droichidín
    The Derrygallon Boy
  3. Dreaming Of Gleann Doimhin
  4. Biddy MacRory’s
    A Bird In The Cage And He Hopping
  5. Paddy From Reabuí
    The Wooden Bridge
  6. Bobby’s Break
    Spring In Toureen
  7. Carolan’s Dream
    Planxty Lady Wrixon
  8. Paddy Cronin’s
    Paddy Cronin’s
  9. Johnny O’Leary’s
    Dan Leary’s
  10. Paddy Fahy’s
    Sean Ryan’s
  11. The Old Vein Road
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  12. Mary Young And Fair
    Miss Sally Hunter Of Thurston
  13. Brosna
  14. The Ducks In The Oats
    McCauliffe’s Castle
  15. Gallagher’s
  16. The Fairy’s Tree
    The One I Know