Hives Of Honeyed Sound - Blas na Meala

By Padraic Mac Mathuna

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Padraig Mac Mathuna: Pipes B Flat & Concert, Flute
Ciaran Mac Mathuna: Flute
Dierdre Mac Mathuna: Piano
Henry Benagh: Fiddle
Sean Keane: Fiddle
Noel O’ Grady: Bouzouki
Sean O Loingsigh: Bouzouki
Naollaig Ni Chathasaigh: Viola
David James: Cello
Frankie Lane: Dobro & Acoustic Guitars
Trevor Hutchinson: Acoustic Bass

Gael-Linn 1992. CEFCD 157

A fellow worker who plays the pipes lent me this today, and I’m listening to it as I type it out.Quite lovely, but he said he did have trouble trying to track it down. Love that fat ‘flat’ sound!

As a Piper, this is possibly my favorite modern recording. Very much the traditional sound and pace. I recommend it very highly.

Pretty special, this one

Yeah…this is one gorgeous CD.

I remember driving home from the Boson CCE convention in 1997 in the dark and listening to this one.

Great stuff. I hope he does another CD some day.