Hives Of Honeyed Sound - Blas na Meala

By Padraic Mac Mathuna

  1. The Rainy Day
    The Queen Of The May
    The First Month Of Summer
  2. Scully Casey’s
    The Old Tipperary
  3. An TSeanbhean Bhocht
  4. Sporting Paddy
    Johnny Henry’s
    Kitty’s Gone A Milking
    Rolling In The Ryegrass
  5. The Bright Lady
  6. Statia Donnelly
    The Munster
    Sean Bui
  7. The Maids Of Mitchelstown
    The Star Of Munster
    Fred Finn’s
  8. The Boys On The Hilltop
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
  9. Aisling Gheal
  10. The Maid In The Meadow
    The Merry Harriers
    The Master’s Return
  11. Palm Sunday
    King Of The Pipers
  12. The Tennesee
    Keep The Old Ark Rolling
  13. The Fair Haired Boy
    The Milliner’s Daughter
    The Laurel Tree
  14. Billy McCormack’s
    Garrett Barry’s
    Strop The Razor
  15. The Parting Glass

Four comments

Padraig Mac Mathuna: Pipes B Flat & Concert, Flute
Ciaran Mac Mathuna: Flute
Dierdre Mac Mathuna: Piano
Henry Benagh: Fiddle
Sean Keane: Fiddle
Noel O’ Grady: Bouzouki
Sean O Loingsigh: Bouzouki
Naollaig Ni Chathasaigh: Viola
David James: Cello
Frankie Lane: Dobro & Acoustic Guitars
Trevor Hutchinson: Acoustic Bass

Gael-Linn 1992. CEFCD 157

A fellow worker who plays the pipes lent me this today, and I’m listening to it as I type it out.Quite lovely, but he said he did have trouble trying to track it down. Love that fat ‘flat’ sound!

As a Piper, this is possibly my favorite modern recording. Very much the traditional sound and pace. I recommend it very highly.

Pretty special, this one

Yeah…this is one gorgeous CD.

I remember driving home from the Boson CCE convention in 1997 in the dark and listening to this one.

Great stuff. I hope he does another CD some day.