An Trá

By Marie Fielding, Tom Orr and Donough Hennessy

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  1. Tuttle’s
    Beck’s Verandah
    Moy Cottage
  2. Farewell To McCarthy’s
    Junction 16
    Room 3.24
  3. Miss Meabh’s
    Tommy’s Till Troubles
    Damo’s Fish Tank
  4. Laura’s Tune
  5. The Millhouse
    Da Grocer
    Elliott’s Welcome
  6. Calm
  7. Aandowin At Da Bow
    Damien’s Toastie
  8. Glengarry’s Dirk
  9. Raglan Road
  10. Betsy Boo On Tour
    Break The Light
    St. Andrew’s
  11. Crested Hens
  12. Walkin’ With Walter
    The Templehouse
  13. Amhran Na Leabhar

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Re: An Tra

Marie Fielding - fiddle
Tom orr - accordion and piano
Donough Hennessy - guitars
Mainly original compositions. Not for me, I’m afraid.

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Re: An Tra

I don’t know, I’ve always rather enjoyed this album.

To be honest though, I’ve generally enjoyed anything I hear that Donogh Hennessy has played on or produced, really hits my spot. More so the way it’s played I guess rather than the actual compositions.