The Inimitable Mairtin Byrnes : CD#1

By Mairtin Byrnes

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  1. Introduction : Jimmy Power
    Eileen Curran
    The Bunch Of Keys
  2. Untitled Tune For The Promenade
  3. Whelan’s
  4. Banrion Na Siog
  5. The Ladies’ Pantalettes
    The Duke Of Leinster
  6. Talk : About Early Years In London : Joe Ryan
  7. The Broken Pledge
  8. Maudabawn Chapel
  9. The Girl That Broke My Heart
  10. Talk : About The Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band
  11. The Battle Of Aughrim
  12. Fahey’s
  13. Shoe The Donkey
  14. Dancing : Cunla
  15. Talk : About Dancing And Wrestling : Roger Sherlock
  16. Cailleach An Airgid
  17. The Glen Of Aherlow
    The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
  18. Talk : About The Eagle And Jimmy Shand : Roger Sherlock
  19. Talk : About London Pubs
  20. Sean Ryan’s Favourite
  21. Rattigan’s
  22. The Valley Of Knockanure
  23. Influence . Reel :
    Dowd’s Favourite
    - Hugh Gillespie
  24. Influence. Talk : About Paddy Kelly : Ciaran MacMathuna
  25. Influence. Reel :
    Farewell To Erin
    - Paddy Kelly
  26. Influence.
    Souvenir By Drdia
    - Fritz Kreisler

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Re: The Inimitable Mairtin Byrnes

First of a 2 CD set released as a tribute to Galway fiddler Mairtin Byrnes, which seems to have crept under the radar since release. I first heard of these recordings last week when they turned up for sale on eBay. Apparently available for purchase from Custy’s in Ennis. I’m just listening to this, the first CD just now, and will have more to say later.

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