The Sunny Side Of The Latch

By Jason O’Rourke

Added by Jeremy .
  1. Andy Dickson In The Errigle
    Ciaran Kelly’s Standing Ovation
  2. Polca Uí Seannáin (Sands’s Polka)
    The Ambapador
    Polca Shráid An Chaisleáin (The Castle Street Polka)
  3. The Sunny Side Of The Latch
    Davy Maguire’s Trip To Arran
    The Deep
  4. When I’m Far Away
  5. The Waltz Of The Spirits
  6. The Flower Of Belfast
    Fabbri The Fiddler
  7. The Belfast Lockdown
    The Real Galway Girl
    The Perils Of Porter
  8. Cornphíopa Nic Somhairle (Miss McSorley’s)
    Dr. Vallely
  9. Zingaria
    Sheep Island
  10. An Sruthán Milis (The Stranmillis Highland)
    Highland Bheann Mhadagáin (The Ben Madigan Highland)
    Ríl Imbolc (The Imbolc Reel)
    The Sleepy Hills Of Cassano