By Contranella

  1. Reel Des Esquimaux
    New Year
    One More Time
  2. Deeper Secrets
    Coral’s Caper
    Thomas Jefferson On The Front Lawn
  3. Jules Verret
    Lads Of Laois
    Cattle In The Cane
  4. Bank
  5. Bird’s Gypsy
    Bird’s Refrain
    Sticks And Stones
  6. Walking Home
    D Tune
  7. John’s March
    To Market
    Late For Whatever
  8. Bears In The Garden
    Apple Peel
    Squirrel’s Delight
  9. Los Higuerones
  10. Downtown
    Naftali’s Favorite

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Re: Contranella

Album available on Youtube here:
Contranella, the CD

Fiddle music is dance music, and Contranella has honed its style playing for dances, using traditional, contemporary, and many original tunes. They play with a purity and clarity rooted in a deep understanding of the tradition. At it’s best, Contranella’s music combines a dark intensity with playful whimsy.

Contranella, the CD, has ten cuts, mostly driving reels (only two jig sets, one waltz, and one set of marches) including nineteen original tunes by either John or Megan. These are presented with simplicity overall. The arrangements are the same straight ahead sounds you might hear them play at a dance, with just enough swinging angularity to make this an interesting listen. Megan’s fiddle can chomp and growl through her favorite notey tunes, while John’s piano playing and Charley’s percussion combine into some interesting vamps. They play with a strong attack on the downbeats and the relentless driving energy of 120 beats per minute.

- Excerpts of a review by Pamela Goddard from January 2007