Evolving Tradition 1

By Various Artists

Added by DavidT .

  1. Trip To Fowey
    Indian Queen
  2. Tom Clarke’s Trip To Russia
  3. Johnny ‘Watt’ Henry’s
    Tommy Peoples’
    Aly Bain’s
  4. Flower Of Magherally-o
  5. Flatulent Friar Of Frome (Lizzie Watling’s)
  6. Tamlin
    Bucks Of Oranmore
    Bunker Hill
  7. Bonny Light Horseman
    Michael Turner’s
  8. P J Cunningham’s Odd Dance
  9. Doon Hingin Tie
    Tammie Anderson
  10. Recruited Collier
  11. Raag Kirvani
  12. Faroe Rum
    Andowin Ida Bow
    Sleep Soond Ida Moaning
    Da Boanie Isle Of Whalsay
    Lasses Trust In Providence
  13. Robin Hood - Tolling Bell
  14. Left Side
    Right Side
  15. Jolie Bassette
  16. Tralee Gaol
    The Chanter
  17. Road To Recovery
    Humours Of Galway
    Farewell To The Shetland Islands
  18. Lord Gresham
  19. Tom & Jerry
  20. Fairfield
    The Rushing
  21. Bransle Du Chien
    Room Brawl

One comment

Evolving Tradition 1

From an idea and festival guided by Steve Heap of Sidmouth/Towersey festival fame, this is a 1995 compilation showcasing talented young musicians and singers entering or already established in the folk world at that time.

There’s also an “Evolving Tradition 2” compilation and I notated all tracks (except track 11 from ET1) from both CDs in a book, “Evolving Tradition, Music and Words” in 1996.

Track one: The Kings of Calicutt (Eliza Carthy, Nancy Kerr, Saul Rose)

Track two: Ingrid & Allan Henderson

Track three: The Luke Daniels Trio (Luke Daniels, Teresa Heanue, Ian Carr)

Track four: Óige (Cara Dillon, Murrough O‘Cathain, Ruadhrai O’Cathain, Paul McLoughlin)

Track five: Dan Plews & Cath James

Track six: Denny Bartley & Chris Sherburn

Track seven: Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr

Track eight: Cythara (Maclaine Colston, Jenny Crook)

Track nine: Shetland’s Young Heritage

Track ten: Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts

Track eleven: Rajan & Rakhi Sood

Track twelve: Catriona MacDonald & Ian Lowthian

Track thirteen: The Hedgerows (Benji Kirkpatrick, Stephen Bradley, Emma Heath, Ben Rodway, Spike)

Track fourteen: Simon Thoumire & Ian Carr

Track fifteen: Gavin Lewery & Jock Tyldesley

Track sixteen: Tim van Eyken & Kerensa Wragg

Track seventeen: Carlene Anglim & Simon Haworth

Track eighteen: Bohinta (Martin & Áine Furey, Greig Stewart, Carlene Anglim, Richard Tobin, Gil Hunter)

Track nineteen: Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley

Track twenty: The Lakeman Brothers (Sean, Seth & Sam Lakeman)

Track twenty-one: The Chipolata 5 (Sam Thomas, Tristan Glover, Jasper King, Jock Tyldesley, Barnaby Stradling)