From Whence We Came

By Ensemble Galilei

  1. Iris
  2. Suite In D Minor - Suite In D Minor: V. Menuet, Caprice
  3. Sitting In The Stern
    Whistle O’er The Lave’t
    Lord Balgonie’s Favorite
    Marry Me Now
    The Very Last Straw
  4. An Bonnan Bui
    The Collier’s Reel
    Last Night’s Fun
  5. Douglas And Fiona Shearer
  6. Bonnie At Morn
  7. Sophie’s Slip
    The Sanctuary
    Far From Home
  8. Innestafrid’n Efter Arvid Brannlund
  9. John Come Kiss Me Now
  10. Uti Dahlin
    Miss Abbott
  11. Concerto For Recorder And Viola Da Gamba In A Minor, TWV 52:a1: Largo
    Vals Efter Jonte I Byom
  12. Lindsay’s Keys
  13. Ginger’s
    Be Thou My Vision