By Oisin

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  1. Doherty’s
    Donnybrook Fair
  2. Geordie
  3. The Old Grey Goose
  4. I Was A Young Man
  5. Oh Ro My Johny
    Terry’s Travels
  6. Farewell To Nova Scotia
  7. The Maple Leaf
    The Man From Aran
  8. The Peeler And The Goat
    The Humours Of Whiskey
  9. The Walk Of The Fiddler’s Bride
  10. Love Is Teasing
  11. Cherish The Ladies

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the line up was:
Brian Mc Donagh ( now with Dervish)
Tom Mc Donagh ( playing now with Na Connery’s)
Geraldine Mc Gowan
Seamus Mc Gowan
Mick Davis

If i remember well, they had to drop the A in in their name because of the scottish group (Ossian)

Their records are still available.
I think they deserve to be better known that they are..

than they are (sorry..)


Wasn’t "The Swedish Jig" on the album?

yes it’s the first track, called Doherty’s jig


Track 7: guest artist the composer Darach de Brun

"The Maple Leaf" / "The Man From Aran"

Just in case…..

This recording would have been made in the late 1970s, I would think.

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1976, Kenny.

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