By Gordon Duncan

  1. Glengarry Highland Gathering
    Bonnie Ann
    Renfrewshire Militia
  2. The Trip To Moreda
    Jig O’Beer
    The ’98
  3. The Belly Dancer
  4. Lady Carmichael
    Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
    Criag An Bodaich
    The Flagon
    Mrs Macleod
  5. Nae Door Pibroch
    Duncan Johnstone
    The Raven On The Rock
    The Top Tier
    More Brandy
  6. Ian Green Of Greentrax
    The Straloch Turkeys
  7. The Inverness Gathering
    The Bee In The Knickers
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  8. Lorient Mornings
    Grande Nuit In Port Du Peche
    Davy Webster’s
  9. The Old Woman’s Dance
    Paddy O Rafferty’s
    The Cat Dance
    The Boys Fae Cairnyhill
  10. Dance Pourlet
  11. Muineira De Poio
    Shotgun Woman
    Mercedes Trujillo
  12. Thunderstruck
    Angus Thing
  13. Battle O’ The Pass Of Crieff
    Alex Duthart Drum Salute
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret

Four comments

Gordon Duncan Slow Air

Does anyone know the name of a beautiful slow air by Gordon Duncan which may have the word summer included in it.

Could you mean “The Sleeping Tune”? - Slow air by Gordon Duncan, begins with “s”

Does any one have the music to Thunderstruck/ Angus Thing? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Does anyone have the music to Grande Nuit in Port de Peche?