Derek Hickey

By Derek Hickey

  1. Maghera Mountain
    Joe Derrane’s Flower Of The Flock
  2. Scully Casey’s
    Newtown Bridge
  3. The Torrid Romance
    Ambrose Moloney’s
  4. Turkey In The Straw
    The Smokey Chimney
  5. Tom Busby’s
    I Know What You Like
  6. Lowry O’da Lea
  7. Finbarr’s Reels
  8. The Friese Britches
    The Cliffs Of Moher
  9. Russell’s Ashplant
    Fire In Clann Rátha
  10. The Conamara Waltz
    Seán Ó Duibhir A Ghleanna
  11. Mickey Callaghan’s
    The Rollicking Skipper
  12. Kitty In The Lane
    Paddy Murphy’s Wife
  13. The Flower Of Spring
    Scatter The Mud
    Winnie Hayes’
  14. She Lived Beside The Anner
  15. Foxhunter’s
    Sailing Through Loughrea
  16. Pat McKenna’s
    Return To Burton Road
  17. The Green Fields Of America
  18. Old Grey Goose
    Cherish The Ladies
  19. Eamon Flynn’s
    Major Harrison’s Fedora
    The Fisherman’s Lilt

Four comments

Re: Derek Hickey

Will get around to updating the tunes!

Re: Derek Hickey

I searched for a place to order this album, but couldn’t find anything. Do you know where to get it? Big fan of his playing.

Re: Derek Hickey

Also looking where to procure this. I won’t have boots on the ground for a while yet so I need to find it for purchase to send abroad to myself.