Siúl na Slí

By Diarmuid Ó Meachair

Added by Jeremy .

  1. The Star Of Munster
    Castle Kelly’s
  2. Finbarr Dwyer’s
    Finbarr Dwyer’s
  3. The Sunshine
  4. Finbarr Dwyer’s
    Finbarr Dwyer’s
  5. Hommage á Dorothé
  6. The Lark In The Morning
  7. John J. Kimmel Medley
  8. Mon Tour De France
  9. The Dooncastle
    The Bearhaven
    Paddy Kelly’s
  10. Devanney’s Goat
    Bonnie Kate
  11. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Spring Well
    Julia Delaney’s
  12. The Strayaway Child
  13. The Road To Lisdoonvarna
    Joe O’Malley’s Favourite
  14. Cailroe Rambler’s
    Richie Dwyer’s
    Greta’s Favourite
  15. Bunker Hill
    Tom Moylan’s Frolics
  16. Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm

Three comments

Re: Siúl na Slí

This is a very good recording, by an outstanding player - highly recommended.

Re: Siúl na Slí

To come back to this, I’m really enjoying the playing on this recording. I might normally be put off by a recording including such well-known tunes as on track #1 , 6, 11 and 13, but Diarmuid very much makes these tunes his own with his own variations, quite unlike any of the transcriptions here, or any recordings by any other musicians I have heard. My old pal Dougie MacLean once said that the only musical limits are our imaginations, and here is living evidence of what can be done with “standard” tunes using that imagination.
There are also 4 Finbarr Dwyer tunes here which I don’t think I’ve heard before on tracks #2 and # 4. Finbarr and Richard Dwyer seem to have been a major influence, with a few other of their compositions included on other tracks.