Atlantic Breeze

By Shaskeen

  1. The Eel In The Sink
    The Mullingar Races
  2. Whelan’s
    The Scotsman Over The Border
    Apples In Winter
  3. A Galway Boy
  4. Kieran Kelly’s
  5. Mama’s Pet
    Gan Ainm
  6. Hardiman’s Fancy
  7. Dowd’s #9
    West Clare
    Jennie’s Wedding
  8. Farewell To Connaught
    The Bank Of Ireland
    The Galway Rambler
  9. The Shores Of My Lovely Lough Gill
  10. Sweeney’s Buttermilk
    The Flower Of The Flock
  11. Joe Cooley’s Delight
    Moloney’s Wife
  12. Galway
    Love At The Endings
  13. The Cat In The Corner
  14. Crowley’s
    Lord MacDonald’s
    The Cameronian

One comment

Eel in the Sink

What a fantastic version of this tune. Just listening to it reminds why they’re my favourite dance band. So much feckin drive!!!!!!!