Adrian Connolly

By Adrian Connolly

  1. Seanán Teague’s
  2. The Diamond
    Waltz Of The Wagtail
  3. Don’t Touch That Green Linnet
    The Doberman’s Wallet
  4. McKenna Country
    The Holly Bush
  5. In Memory Of Tommy McCarthy
  6. The Shaskeen
    Denis Gallen’s
  7. Only For Barney
  8. Josefin’s
  9. Johnny Cronin’s
    Palmer’s Gate
  10. Beeswing The Racehorse
    Green Fields Of Glentown
  11. The Banks Of The Suir
  12. The Miner’s
    Queen Of The Fair
  13. Farewell To Erin
    Dinny O’Brien’s
  14. The Lament For Limerick
  15. Richie Dwyer’s
    John Brosnan’s
  16. A Tune For Nell (Cello Mix)

Two comments

Re: Adrian Connolly

Performed on Fiddle, Button Accordion, Flute, Guitar & Piano by Adrian Connolly

Cello by Deryn Cullen (Track 16)

Produced and Arranged by Adrian Connolly

Mixed and Mastered by Mike Wyatt

Photography by Jamie Glass

Design by Daniela Camacho

Photography Location - Blast Furnace Recording Studio, Derry
released December 5, 2022

Composition Credits

1. Seanán Teague’s (Adrian Connolly)

2. The Diamond (Billy McComiskey) / Waltz of the Wagtail (Adrian Connolly)

3. Don’t Touch that Green Linnet (Tommy Peoples) / The Doberman’s Wallet (Frankie Gavin)

4. McKenna Country (Joe Liddy) / The Holly Bush (Finbarr Dwyer)

5. In Memory of Tommy McCarthy (Charlie Lennon)

6. The Shaskeen (unknown) / Denis Gallen’s (Adrian Connolly)

7. Only for Barney (Josephine Keegan) / Paul’s Reel (Adrian Connolly)

8. Josefin’s Waltz (Roger Tallroth)

9. Johnny Cronin’s (John Cronin) / Palmer’s Gate (Joe Liddy)

10. Beeswing the Racehorse (James Hill) / Green Fields of Glentown (Tommy Peoples)

11. The Banks of the Suir (unknown)

12. The Miner’s (unknown) / Queen of the Fair (John McFadden)

13. Farewell to Erin (unknown) / Dinny O‘Brien’s (Paddy O’Brien)

14. Lament for Limerick (unknown)

15. Richie Dwyer’s (Richard Dwyer) / John Brosnan’s (John Brosnan)

16. A Tune for Nell (Adrian Connolly)