Live at Jack Talty

By Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Jackie Daly

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  1. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
    The Lilting Fisherman
  2. Green Meadows
    Anything For John Joe
  3. Jim Keefe’s
    Johnny Mickey’s
  4. Johnny Mickey’s
    Padraig O’Keefe’s
  5. Air
    Paddy Sean Nancy’s
    John Watt Henry’s
    Killavil Fancy
  6. Morning Star
    The Pope’s Toe
  7. Táim In Arrears
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  8. Galtee Rangers
    The Glentaun
  9. Coleman’s
    Teddy O’Neill
  10. The Bog Carrot
    Kevin Burke’s
    Charlie Harris’
  11. Joe Bane’s
    Joe Bane’s
  12. Teahan’s Favorite
    Going To The Well For Water
  13. Reel With The Beryl
    The Cabin Hunter
  14. Walter Sammon’s Grandmother
    The Concertina Reel
    Brendan McMahon’s
  15. Air
    Forget Your Troubles
  16. Gallagher’s Frolics
    Lark On The Strand
  17. Free And Easy
    Boys Of Malin
    Boyne Hunt
  18. Lacka Cross
    Johnny I Do Miss You
  19. O’Rourke’s
    The Wild Irishman

Three comments

Re: Live at Jack Talty

Is that really the name of the album? My Google search for more info only turned up this page…

Re: Live at Jack Talty

I know almost nothing about this recording -- I believe it’s never been published or been commercially available. It’s evidently a recording of a live show, perhaps a house concert, but I have no idea when the performance occured. The musicians and the name of the collection “Live at Jack Talty” were set in metadata fields on the audio files.

There’s more discussion of this recording here ( in which Lock W writes:
> It definitely seems earlier. No, the only detail I have on the recording is that Jack Talty recorded it. I’ve fairly scoured the internet for signs of it being released anywhere to no avail. If you’re interested in the full recording I can send you the folder, or if it seems in keeping with the intention of this forum I can just post it publicly. I think it’s a fantastic album.

Re: Live at Jack Talty

So it’s a bootleg recording. Generally, these don’t appear on this site.

I note that Caoiminh’s own website does not mention this ‘album’ in its ‘Recordings’ section. I doubt whether he’d be too pleased to see his unlicensed music listed here.

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