SFF Legacy Project: The 25+2 Collection

By Various Artists

  1. The Ox
    Ben Bowie
    Good Days
  2. Evie’s
    Donald MacDougall; Sgionneal Balach
  3. Findhorn Bay
    A Boy On The Headland
  4. Bruichladdich
    The Peterhead Quine
    Springa Like Marit
  5. Garwick Bay
    The CMT Reel
  6. Iona
    The Handfasting
  7. The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club’s Trip To Shetland
    Press Pause
    Patti Fahey’s
  8. Cala Na Sith
  9. Still, Skye
  10. Hamnataing
    Toria’s 50th
  11. McLaughlin’s
    The Howe Hornpipe
    The Otter Pool
    The Giant Ship

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Re: SFF Legacy Project: The 25+2 Collection

A collection of 27 tunes by current fiddle playing composers, arranged in sets designed for playing. Commissioned by the Scots Fiddle Festival in celebration of its 25th birthday (delayed by two covid years).
Published in 2022

Re: SFF Legacy Project: The 25+2 Collection

(from this page https://www.scotsfiddlefestival.com/the-25plus2-collection-cd )
Composers names :
Track No.

1 The Ox set - The Ox (Bruce MacGregor) / Ben Bowie (Eilidh Steel) / Good Days (Sally Simpson)

2 Evie’s Waltz set - Evie’s Waltz (Amy Geddes) / Donald MacDougall; Sgoinneal Balach (Eilidh Shaw)

3 Findhorn Bay set - Findhorn Bay (Jenna Reid) / A Boy on a Headland (Gordon Gunn)

4 Bruichladdich set - Bruichladdich (Charlie McKerron) / The Peterhead Quine (Duncan Chisholm & Hamish Napier) / Springa like Marit (Patsy Reid)

5 Garwick Bay set - Garwick Bay (Jonny Hardie) / The CMT Reel (Kevin Henderson)

6 The Handfasting set - Iona (Paul Anderson) / The Handfasting (Sarah-Jane Summers) / Stan’s Reel (Marie Fielding)

7 The Melbourne set - The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club’s Trip to Shetland (Ross Couper) / Press Pause (Anna Massie) / Patti Fahey’s Slide (Liz Carroll)

8 Cala na Sìth - Emma Tomlinson

9 Still, Skye - Lauren MacColl

10 Hamnataing set - Hamnataing (Chris Stout) / Hame-trowe (Catriona Macdonald) / Toria’s 50th (Laura Wilkie)

11 The Giant Ship set - McLaughlin’s Strathspey (Alasdair Fraser) / The Howe Hornpipe (Douglas Montgomery) / The Otter Pool (Gavin Marwick) / The Giant Ship (Mike Vass)