Sweetheart in the Spring

By The Tulla Céilí Band

  1. Pinch Of Snuff
    Last Night’s Fun
    The Abbey Reel
  2. Did You See My Man?
    Dr. O’Neill
  3. Kitty Machree
  4. Fishers
    Maguire’s Fiddle
  5. Dowd’s No.9
    My Love Is In America
  6. Give Us A Drink of Water
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  7. Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    Lord McDonald
    The Old Bush
  8. Walls Of Liscarroll
    Miss Walsh
    Brian O’Lynn
  9. Hills Of Bonny Aidhruadh
  10. Maud Millar
    Temple House
    O’Keefe’s Plough
  11. Sweetheart In The Spring
  12. The Orange Rogue

Two comments

Re: Sweetheart in the Spring (Tulla 3rd Album)

Album released in 1974 by EMI Ireland. I was surprised that it isn’t in the database (as far as I could tell.) The personnel is not listed, other than vocalist Martin Vaughan, who has three selections, and accordionist Mattie Ryan, who solos on track 5. Of course P.J. Hayes is part of the band, and is credited with “all arrangements.” On track 7, the first reel is listed as Pat Keane’s but perhaps better known as Green Fields of Rossbeigh or The Kerry Reel. The third reel on track 10 is listed as Denis Murphy’s but better known as Speed the Plow, Cronin’s, or O’Keeffe’s Plow.
One final comment - I wonder if the master has been sped up a bit. Many tracks seem faster than expected and the pitch is several cents above concert pitch.