The Raven’s Call

By Martha Guiney

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Fantastic Album!

Re: The Raven’s Call

I’m really enjoying listening to this CD right now. I have rarely heard such a lovely tone recorded on wooden flute, with tasteful use of ornamentation, and crucially, not too much. It’s mainly contemporary and original compositions, but the selection of music has been chosen very well.
Sleeve notes to track #5, with reference to the first tune, say : “I was so blessed to have Seamus Tansey as my flute teacher from day one”. Great job there, Seamus.
And I don’t often say this, but the song - track #8 - is lovely. I could certainly listen to more of that.
A common complaint these days - a bit short at just over 36 mins, - but the musical quality of the 9 tracks is excellent.
Owning up - my brother made this CD, and my nephew Calum did the graphic design.
Small world, ain’t it ?

Re: The Raven’s Call

I just got it today. Incredible. I like players where their variations are so wild that you are continually surprised, even when you know most of the tunes on the CD.