Willie’s Last Session

By The Cullivoe Band With Willie Hunter

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  1. Da Tushker
    Mickie Ainsworth
  2. Det Er Solskin
    Gan Ainm
  3. Dhuloch Cottage
  4. Rona Voe
    Sunset Over Foula
    Da Isles O’ Gletness
    Da Starry Nights O’ Shetland
  5. Jimmy Allan
    The Airlie Bobbies
    Angus MacLeod
  6. Ivor And Eleanor’s Wedding
  7. Jake Mckay’s Two-Step
  8. Miss Forbes’ Farewell To Banff
    Miss C. M Barbour
    Billy Thorn’s
  9. Ove Johnson
  10. Gutrom The Dane
  11. The Snoring Miss Gobeil
  12. The Carousel Waltz
  13. The Stonecourt
    The Dandy Dancer
    Jack’s Pocket Ashtray
  14. The Balkan Hills
    Leaving Glenurquhart
  15. Dick MacDougal’s
    Fiddle Head
    Crazy Creek