By Patricia Clark

  1. Good As New
    The Funeral Shop
    Blue Ivy
  2. Humours Of Ma’am
    Humours Of Glen
    The Happy Mistake
  3. The Dew Drop Scottische
    Sinead’s Fancy
  4. Gurty’s Frolics
  5. The Hills Of Alva
  6. Jenny Rock The Cradle
    Pop In The Pawn Shop
    ’Neath The Moonlight
  7. Drumreagh
  8. The Snowy Reel
    Cabin Fever
  9. The Stornaway Stormer
    The Stride Hop
    Return To F’eck
  10. My Nanny O
    No 533
  11. Kitty’s Rambles To Youghal
    The Boys Of Laccarue
    Boiled Goats Milk
  12. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
    The Broken Lamp
    Peter Flanagan’s Stoney Steps

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Patricia Clark - Restored (March 2023)

Releases at the end of the month.

On Bandcamp:

The musicians:
- Patricia Clark (fiddle, viola, piano)
- Cillian Doheny (guitar, banjo)
- Alison Crossey (bodhran)
- Ryan O’Donnell (bouzouki)
- Conall Ó Cnáimhín (drums)