Brighid’s Kiss

By Lá Lugh

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  1. Brighid’s Kiss
  2. Puirt A Beul
    Dandy Denny Cronin
  3. Bealtaine Song
  4. The Rose In The Garden
  5. Tá Sé ‘na Lá
  6. Finbarr Dwyer’s
    Turlough McSweeney
    Larry O’Gaff
  7. A Bruxo
  8. Ring Ting Ring Num
    Bacach Shíol Andí
    Ag An Phátrún
    Scadán Amháin
    Considine’s Grove
  9. Marquis Of Huntly
    Fair Haired Kate
    Eliza Of Roth
  10. Toby Peyton
    The King
    Jerry’s Pipe
  11. Lough Erne Shore

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