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By Afterhours

  1. Derry Jail
  2. The Bride’s Favourite
    Slip Gig
    Maureen’s Return
    Mixing The Punch
  3. Drihaurin O Mo Chroi
  4. Silver Tassie
  5. Rossinver Braes
    The Four Mile Post
    The Maid In The Cherry Tree
  6. Rain And Snow
  7. Nil ’na La
  8. The Regal Slip
    Little Katie Kearney
    The Quick Note
    Scarta Glen
  9. Granuaille
  10. Coleraine Regatta
  11. The Ivy Leaf
    The Maple Leaf
    The Duvet Dodgers
  12. Johhny McEldoo

One comment


I have seen this really amazing guys in Austria in the 90ties and their kind to make music made me not to forget them. I heard their songs today in my car CD player and they are as actual as they were. The arrangements are often quite surprising, and the bodhran, uilean pipes and the fiddle playing is all well tuned. My favourite lines are: but i lost her to the cold rain and snow, and "there more fresh meat for derry jail.