Montana Wildflower

By Natalie Padilla, Quinn Bachand

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  1. Lady Slipper
    Woodland Star
  2. Witch’s Thimble
  3. Forget-Me-Not
  4. Star Above The Garter
    Prairie Flax
    The Dooney Rock
  5. Woods’ Rose
    Shooting Star
  6. Pasque Flower
  7. Johnny Court The Widow
  8. Larkspur
    Bull Thistle

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Re: Montana Wildflower

From Bandcamp:

Natalie collaborates with Quinn Bachand on her third album of original tunes, set in a modern celtic and oldtime setting
released March 31, 2023

Produced by: Natalie Padilla
All arrangements: Natalie Padilla & Quinn Bachand
Engineering: Quinn Bachand
Editing: Natalie Padilla in Bozeman, Montana
Mixing: Quinn Bachand in Montréal, Québec
Mastering: Charles-Emile Beaudin in Montréal, Québec
Recorded at: The Henhouse Recording Studio in Victor, Idaho
Additional Engineering: Ben Winship

Track 1: Lady Slipper (Lady Slipper Jig*/Woodland Star*)
Natalie Padilla: Fiddles
Quinn Bachand: Guitars, Bouzouki, Bass

Track 2: Bittercress (Witch’s Thimble*/Bittercress*)
Natalie Padilla: Fiddles
Quinn Bachand: Guitars, Tenor Banjo, Bass, Percussion

Track 3: Forget-me-not*
Natalie Padilla: Fiddles, Clawhammer Banjo, Mandolin
Quinn Bachand: Guitar, Bouzouki
Ben Winship: Mandolin

Track 4: Prairie Flax (Star above the garter/Prairie Flax*/The Dooney Rock)
Natalie Padilla: Fiddle, Clawhammer Banjos
Quinn Bachand: Fiddle, Harmonica, Tenor Banjo, Bouzouki

Track 5: Shooting Star (Woods’ Rose*/Shooting Star*)
Natalie Padilla: Clawhammer Banjo
Quinn Bachand: Guitar

Track 6: Balsamroot (Pasque Flower*/Balsamroot Reel*)
Natalie Padilla: Fiddle
Quinn Bachand: Guitar, Bouzouki, Tenor Banjo

Track 7: Court the Widow (Johnny Court the Widow)
Natalie Padilla: Fiddle
Quinn Bachand: Fiddle

Track 8: Larkspur (Larkspur*/Bull Thistle*)
Natalie Padilla: Fiddle, Clawhammer Banjos, Percussion
Quinn Bachand: Guitar, Bouzouki, Bass

*Composed by: Natalie Padilla (Heartseed Music, BMI)
All other tunes are traditional
This album was graciously funded through a grant by the Montana Arts Council