By Johnny Brennan

  1. The Kitchen Piper
    Rat In The Thatch
    Sweeney’s Buttermilk
  2. The Flanagan Brothers
    The Trip To Skye
    An Dro #3
  3. Johnson’s
    A Fig For A Kiss
    Solus Lillis
    In And Out The Harbour
    Lucky In Love
  4. Kernog
    Seamus O’Shanahan’s
    Trip To Sligo
    The Mourning Jew
  5. The Pearl In The Wood
  6. Cleek
    Dan Breen’s
    The Antrim Rose
  7. The Queen Of The West
    Tommy Peoples
    Rocky Bells
    Tricia Hutton’s
  8. The Flatbush Waltz
  9. Paddy Canny’s
    Master Crowley’s
    Brumley Brea
    The Veto
  10. Tripping Upstairs
    2:50 To Vigo