Folk Arts Quartet

By Folk Arts Quartet

  1. Le Reel Du Pendu
    Chinquapin Hunting
  2. Cold Fish
  3. Nili’s Polska
  4. Aird Ranters
    Devil In The Kitchen
    One Track Zach
  5. Waterlily
    The Joy Of It
  6. Chris Turner’s Leap Of Faith Into The Fire At Winnie’s House
  7. Oli’s Tune
  8. Half Decade
  9. New Time
  10. Mick’s Knitted Triplets

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Re: Folk Arts Quartet

Canadian group, released in 2009

from their website
“The Folk Arts Quartet arranges traditional tunes and original compositions using an array of techniques and ideas—some they’ve learned from Classical string quartet pieces, others from folk bands, and others they’ve invented on their own. With the addition of the occasional beautiful song or energetic step dance, their groovy, contemporary style nods to their many influences and breathes new life into folk and chamber music”