Hotel Fiesta

By Ciarán Tourish and Kevin Doherty

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  1. Jackson’s #1
    Jackson’s #2
    The Oak Tree
  2. Hawker’s Blues
  3. A Visit To Ireland
    The Lark On The Strand
    Peter Byrne’s Fancy
  4. Boots Of Spanish Leather
  5. Who Can I Turn To?
  6. Úr Chnock Chéin Mhic Cáinte
  7. The Foxhunters (Slip Jig)
    The Dusty Miller
  8. Bloomsday
  9. Dan The Man
  10. Donegal
  11. Tuttle’s
    The Cup Of Tea
    The Donegal Reel
  12. Hotel Fiesta

Three comments

Re: Hotel Fiesta

A nice album by Ciarán Tourish and Kevin Doherty with a funny album cover based on track #12, yet with some very well played Irish traditional sets.

Re: Hotel Fiesta

I just noticed the first tune of track 11 (“Tuttle’s”) appears everywhere (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) as “My love is in America”. I’ve never heard that tune being named like that, so “Tuttle’s” stays.

Re: Hotel Fiesta

They do sound a bit similar, the first few bars in particular. It was probably a mislabeling based on that.