By Ollie Rigg and Wattie Lees

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  1. The Bull’s March
    The Drunken Tinker
  2. Jimmy Gunslinger
    Bob & Gina’s Return To Tynron
  3. The Escapee
  4. The Donegal Tinker
    The Tempest
    Twelve Weeks And A Day
  5. Make, Shake & Drive
    Detective Lees
    Jig For Melina
  6. Wrong Water
  7. The Doonhamer
    Miss Brady’s
    The Doon
  8. Dawn Of Dara
    The Soup Dragon
    Laig Bay
  9. The Princess Royal
    The Independence

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Re: Underarmed

Ollie Rigg and Wattie Lees are two excellent players of uilleann pipes from the South-West of Scotland. I would have preferred more piping and less of the low whistles, but that’s just my preference.
A mix of self-penned, contemporary and traditional tunes, track #4 for me is the outstanding track, with superb fiddle playing to start the set by guest Amanda Lewis.
Accompaniments by Graeme Armstrong and Michael Muir on guitars and Ian Stephenson on double bass.
Just came across the boyos here :