Bohola (3)

By Bohola

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  1. Redican’s
    The Merry Old Woman
    The Chapel Bell
  2. Johnny Doherty’s March
    Moving-On Song
    Peacock’s Feather
    Mother’s Delight
    Lady Ann Montgomery
    Rolling In The Ryegrass
  3. Home
    Graf Spey
    Lucy Campbell
  4. Lullaby
    The Shamrock Shore
    The Humours Of Westport
  5. The Little Thatched Cabin
  6. Reagan’s
    The Shepherd’s Daughter
    Rolling In The Hay
    Colonel Rodney
  7. The Shamrock Sod
    The High Cauled Cap
  8. Ship In Full Sail
    The Bohola
    Irishman’s Heart To The Ladies
  9. Storms
  10. The Pretty Girls
    When First Unto This Country
    Lady On The Island

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Musician of this neat band

Jimmy Keane : piano accordion
Sean Cleland : fiddle
Pat Broaders : dordan and vocals

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great recording! Lots of drive.

The Ship in Full Sail set is one of my all-time favorites. This is an amazing recording - definitely worth finding a copy.